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Sloane Residences Condo Project Highlights

Project NameSloane Residences
DeveloperTSky Balmoral Pte. Ltd. (Tiong Seng Holding & Ocean Sky International)
Address17 Balmoral Road Singapore 259803
Showflat LocationBalmoral Road (Click here for more)
Developer Sales Hotline+6561002826
Est Indicative Selling Price RangeAbove S$2500 psf (Click here for more)
DescriptionSloane Residences Former Sloane Court Hotel, redeveloped by TSky Balmoral going to launch a new residential project at Balmoral Road. Official Details like project facts, floor plans, showflat appointment and price list can be read at
No of Units56 units
Land Lot NumberTS26-00138C & TS26-99899P
Land Area38,943 sq ft

The Upcoming Sloane Residences (Former Sloane Court Hotel ) at 17 Balmoral Road owned by Children of the late Chiam Heng, has been bought by Singapore-Listed Tiong Seng Limited in partnership with Ocean Sky International for redevelopment into a condo. The two storey 32 room building estimated to have been built in 1960, will be torn down to pave the way for construction of Sloane Residences. It was sold in one of the biggest en bloc sales with the Sloane Residences Price hitting S$80.5 million.

According to a spokesman from Tiong Seng holdings, the Sloane Residences site is set to house a 12 story-condo that comprise of around 80 units. With a good Sloane Residences floor plan, each unit will occupy an average of 700 sq ft. But, to maximize the allowable gross floor area, the company has to meet the development charges approximately $20.2 million for intensifying the use of the land. The site comes with a total site area of nearly 3,617.9 sq meter translating to a gross plot ratio of 1.6, and the units are expected to be launched toward the end of next year at exceeding $2,500 psf.

The Sloane Residences Condo will mark the second joint venture between Tion Seng and Ocean Sky. This is after the freehold sites located in Jervois Road they acquired at S$21 million and planning to construct a 21 room project. Tiong Seng is the majority shareholder with 60% interest in the partnership through its subsidiary Yuan Ching Development while its partner Ocean Sky owns the remaining 40% stake via its subsidiary Arctic Sky Investment.
TSky is planning to set up a company that will manage the project and undertakes the development of Sloane Residences Condo. The project is expected to be completed by next year with an impressive outlook. The land is strategically situated allowing the future residents of Sloane Residences Balmoral Road to benefit from the nearby facilities.

8 Benefits that Residents of Sloane Residences Balmoral Road will Enjoy Staying in Singapore’s District 10

Why Buy Sloane Residences Reasons

There are lots of benefits that District 10 offer to the future residents of Sloane Residences Balmoral Road. The prestigious upcoming Sloane Residences enjoy proximity to vital places in the area that provides the owners everything they need. Balmoral road is surrounded by several amenities making Sloane Residences one of the best places to live in across Singapore.

The well-established transportation in the area is just among the various things that Sloane Residences owners are going to enjoy. By owning a unit in Sloane Residences you can rest assured that most of your needs such as access to healthcare facilities or schools are well taken care of which makes the posh area high on demand from both investors and buyers.

  1. Strategic Location

The area around Sloane Residences is well networked with good roads accessing various attraction sites providing the residents with unlimited destinations of their choice. Additionally, the Newton MRT station is a few distances away from Sloane Residences, and other vital places in the area are also within reach.

With an enhanced transportation system that link Sloane Residences to nearby stations plus its closeness to Botanic Garden, commuting in the region is more comfortable. Whether you own a car or rely on public transport means, Sloane Residences have a place for you.

  1. Access to World-Class Healthcare

When looking for a promising residential area, availability of healthcare facilities is something that you must consider. With the availability of nearby Novena Medical Hub alongside several medical practitioners in the field, Sloane Residences qualify as the best place to make your home. This is because these healthcare centers and others offer various services ranging from cosmetic surgeries to the old Chinese medicine. Residents of Sloane Residences can rush to these medical facilities as soon as they develop any problem with an assurance that they will be awarded good quality medical assistance.

  1. Availability of Good Schools

For parents, getting good schools that can provide valuable education to their children in some residential areas is a big issue. But, if you buy a unit at Sloane Residences, you get to enjoy the many schools around for all the levels of education. With the top-notch schools employing highly professional teachers in the area you can have some peace of mind knowing that the education of your kids is secured.

  1. Sloane Residences is Next to a Business Centre

Apart from the many facilities that residents of Sloane Residences will enjoy staying there, the area is near to the Central Business District with many listed mega companies around the region that will provide the residents of the area employment opportunities. Accessibility to your working place when living in this area is also remarkable. The traffic is good and doesn’t have delays ensuring that you get to your workplace and home in time.

  1. Proximity to Restaurants

If you like going to the restaurants to take a few drinks after a busy day at work as a way of relaxing then Sloane Residences is the place you are looking for. The beautiful restaurants around Sloane Residences also provide you with a place to catch up with your friends or enjoy some wonderful moments as a family.

When you get bored staying in your house, walk a few distances to the coffee shops around the area and enjoy the best quality coffee. Taking beer in one of the bars in the shopping malls is also another great alternative. The various restaurants spread in the area ensures that you will find one that matches your preference.

  1. Presence of Embassies in the Locality

The various embassies located around Sloane Residences offers you an opportunity to live in the midst of affluence. The area attracts people from wealthy families, and it enables the residents to have a bite of the foreign cultures.

Considering that you might not be in a position to interact every day with people from different cultures, Sloane Residences provides you with a chance to interact and make new friends with people from other cultures.

  1. Proximity to Orchid Road Shopping Complex

Even if you aren’t moved by other areas around Sloane Residences, the Orchid Road Shopping Complex will impress you. The places with close resemblance to Orchard street in London was named after the Orchard plantations that used to be planted in the place some years back. The facility allows you to have a better shopping experience featured with shops from established stores and get to enjoy the stunning design the complex was built with plus various high-end products and brands.

  1. Abundant Greenery

Greenery is well spread across the neighborhood of Sloane Residences if you are seeking for a developed area but with sensitivity to nature’s beauty then Sloane Residences will make a great pick. The area is packed with abundant greenery at Botanic Gardens where you can do your exercises as you enjoy the cool environment.

Nearby Schools to Residents of Sloane Residences Condo

Sloane Residences Near ACS International
What makes Sloane Residences one of the best places good for family people is that the area has various schools. The schools offer high-quality education to learns staying around Sloane Residences. Since the schools are just a few distances from Sloane Residences, it means that your kids won’t have to travel long distances when going to school. This doesn’t only save you traveling expenses it ensures that your kids get to school on time and arrive home early.
Here are some of the schools around Sloane Residences:
  • Raffles Girls’ School
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • Anglo-Chinese School
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School

These are just some of the schools around Sloane residence, you will also find daycare and other learning facilities within the neighborhood. With such an incredible number of educational institutions, Sloane Residences is one of the places that you want to call your home across Singapore.

Nearby Shopping Centers to Residents of Sloane Residences

Sloane Residences Near Tanglin Shopping Centre

Sloane Residences are strategically located allowing its future residents to enjoy the convenience from the nearby shopping centers. With many shopping centers across the city, you can hardly miss anything you need. If you like shopping then you will definitely enjoy your stay at Sloane Residences, with a few minutes walk or drive, you can get all the supplies that keep your home running.

Are you still wondering whether you need a home next to shopping centers such as Sloane Residences?

Here are some of the benefits to enjoy:

  1. Easy Access to Amenities

It is no doubt that there are certain supplies that you can’t live without in your home which makes them essential. Accessing such supplies when living in other residential areas with poor connectivity can be an issue. This is why you need to make Sloane Residences Balmoral Road your home to have a peace of mind. Additionally, with the many shopping centers around you can never miss anything that you need, so you won’t have t keep moving from one store to another searching for supplies.

  1. Less time wastage

Most residents are not comfortable with long walks or drive to shopping centers, and one of the solutions to such problems is living in areas with easy access to shopping facilities. Lucky, for future residents of Sloane Residences Condo, no wasting lots of time traveling since the shopping centers are just around the corner.

  1. Availability of Restaurants

The plenty restaurants around Sloane Residences enables residents of Sloane leading a busy life to access food easily. With the proximity to popular shopping malls packed with restaurants offering all kind of meals, you can easily pick your favorite place to source your food. Restaurants also provide you a place to spend quality time with your friends or family.

Some of the Popular Malls Near Sloane Residences Condo include:

  • Tanglin Shopping Centre
  • United Square Shopping Mall
  • ION Orchard Mall
  • Far East Plaza
  • Wisma Atria
  • The Galleria By DFS, Singapore
  • Orchard Towers

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Owning a unit at Sloane Residences means a lot to you and your family. It enables you to enjoy the good access to education for your children, health care, shopping complexes, public transport, restaurants, and a chance to stay in a house built by Singapore’s finest property developers.
This is why you need to make a booking to visit Sloane Residences Showflat and get to see what your future home will look like upon completion.
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